Our clients’ websites take priority. That’s why ours is so comically meager. But our clients are happy …


Adam Holtey

“I just looked at the website and it’s looking SO freaking awesome : )”

Adam Holtey, Owner

Donnie Maclurcan

“Thank you SO much for the incredible amount of work you’ve put into the editing! In reading through the chapters, it’s so obvious how much your touch and attention to details is improving our work. We are very lucky to have you associated with this project!”

Donnie Maclurcan, Coauthor

Tracy Templeton

“Thank you!!! It was so good to see you today. You’re such an amazingly talented person. It’s so great working with you.”

Tracy Templeton, Printmaking Artist

Chris Cook

“I am BEYOND thrilled! … Beautiful work! Love the illustration style and colors. Layout works well. You are amazing!”

Chris Cook, CEO & President

Jen Allen

“I love the website! It’s so much better than anything else in this local market. It’s on par with well-established wineries from places like Sonoma and Napa.”

Jen Allen, Co-Owner & Retail Operations Manager

Kevin Clark

“I love the new website… You guys did great work… The photos look terrific… The layout is wonderful.”

Kevin Clark, Poet & Author

Cynthia Scherr

“I so appreciate your thoroughness and your follow-through. You are a gem!”

Cynthia Scherr, Owner

Chris Cook

“THEY ARE GORGEOUS. They feel and look delicious. THANK YOU!!”

Chris Cook, CEO & President

Tammy Vargas

Amazing!! Thanks so much! I think you’ve done these faster than anyone ever has!”

Tammy Vargas, Project Coordinator

Jon Lange

“This website was by far the single best investment I’ve made in my business since I began. I get many compliments on the look, and it sums up for prospective clients what I do even as it gives a sense of total quality.… Most importantly, it is the main way I generate business. You made the process easy, fun, and fully collaborative. You are a great listener, efficient, and I think I came out with the best possible website anyone could have created for me.”

Jon Lange, PhD, Facilitator, Mediator, & Consultant

Janet Lewis

“I left our meeting so excited. You really are superb at what you do! I’m grateful to have your help.”

Janet Lewis, Founder

Tyrone Wilson

“I just took a look and just about cried.… THANK YOU!!!”

Tyrone Wilson, Director

Jennifer Downs

“You are the best communicator I’ve ever experienced!!! Seriously!”

Jennifer Downs, MA, LCSW

David Humphrey

“I believe we have an outstanding product and we are most grateful to you for creating it. This is something we can be proud of and it will definitely have a positive effect on recruitment and obtaining visibility for the new Oregon Center for the Arts @ SOU.”

David Humphrey, Director

Gerry Mack

“Everyone loves the card. It’s time to print them and celebrate! … Thank you again for your creative and diplomatic skill in guiding us through this process!”

Gerry Mack, Owner

Jen Allen

“We appreciate you guys and everything your brilliant minds bring to our efforts here at 2Hawk, and your kindness and support have become something that I personally count on very much.”

Jen Allen, Co-Owner & Retail Operations Manager

Elisabeth Zinser

“I loved the way Melissa always stretched my imagination about style, color, and language. She was among the most creative people at SOU, and I loved working with her. I learned to appreciate, indeed love, orange, thanks to her. That last point is a minor one, but true. ;-)”

Elisabeth Zinser, Former President

Ross Allen

“I wanted to let you know we had a couple mention the FaceBook ad and that is what brought them to our table yesterday. He was in marketing and commented on our proactive and positive campaign.”

Ross Allen, Co-Owner & Vineyard Manager

Robert McDowell

“You were faster than Wonder Woman!!!!!”

Robert McDowell, Author, Editor, Speaker, Mentor, & Publisher

Gabi Brennesholtz

“Holy Guacamole! All of this is very cool!!!! I am so impressed with the massive amount of work you’ve done, Melissa!!!!”

Gabi Brennesholtz, Co-Owner/Realtor

Bryn McCamley and Laureen Sutton

“Hiring you in the very beginning was one of the best things we did to get ourselves up and running. I still LOVE our branding and website. You did such an amazing job interpreting who we are into a beautiful visual look!”

Bryn McCamley & Laureen Sutton, Owners/Directors

Anne Breck

“I so appreciate all the work you are doing to get our website up and running. I have been working with a great vendor on the east coast, Big Wheel Press. He was very complimentary, ‘And one last thought. I love the masthead on your website!’”

Anne Breck, Owner

Fern Snogren

“I so value what you do: everything about it—your promptness; your advice; your attention to detail.”

Fern Snogren, LCSW, MA, CHT

Cathy Barber

“I’ve had numerous compliments on the website—no surprise!”

Cathy Barber, Poet & Teacher

Janet Troy

“I had the pleasure of working with Chris Cook and Melissa Michaels on two projects this year.… The second project focused on rebranding our ‘look,’ particularly around a refresh of our logo, graphic identity, and fonts. This included the development of a brochure and other print materials for our Patrons Campaign and the development of a new template for our foundation newsletter. I found both Chris and Melissa to be easy to work with, responsive to our needs and likes/dislikes, and sensitive to our nonprofit budget constraints.”

Janet Troy, Executive Director

Dr. Sylvia Chatroux

“WE LOVE IT!!!! You have the eyes of an artist and the patience of a master! :)”

Dr. Sylvia Chatroux, Owner

Cathy Barber

“I love this. It’s soothing, uncluttered, welcoming.”

Cathy Barber, Poet & Teacher

Sue Price

“I can’t tell you how terrific you have been. Thank you so much!!!!! I will definitely recommend you to EVERYONE!!!!”

Sue Price, Independent Tourism Development Consultant
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